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But, Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 5 Points on Aquaman (Spoiler Light)

Aquaman is DC’s Thor Ragnarok underwater.  Even the score has that similar 80’s feel we saw in Thor 3.  Although, this movie follows the monomyth, making for a better plot.

I, of course, liked the movie, but will YOU like it?  Let’s jump into this full geek!

1.  The comedic timing was off every now and then.

I don’t know if it was just the shots the director chose, or if Mamoa just doesn’t have the comic chops that Chris Hemsworth has.  He’s still good, but some of the moments seemed a bit forced.  This may not even be noticeable to some, but others may take a star off their rating, bringing it down to 9.

2.  The spinning camera shots made me sick.

The same is true here.  Some may have really enjoyed this.  Others may have been made sick.  Personally, I was wowed AND nauseated.  I wouldn’t take a star off, but many might, bringing their rating down to 8.

3.  Red and green clash.

The costumes and set were spectacular, but there are some exceptions that may bother you.  This may seem nitpicky, especially around Christmas time, but when you can’t help but see the leading lady as Ronald McDonald’s sister, Wendy, who opened her restaurant underwater, then you might take a star off, bringing your rating down to 7.

4.  The dialogue was overly trite at times.

The writing really could have been better in some bits, and maybe that’s what affected #1 above.  There were moments that it seemed two-dimensional, but otherwise, it wasn’t that bad.  I took a combined 1 star based on this and number 1, myself, but you may take a whole star off, along with the above, bringing your rating down to 6.

5.  Many of the shots were overly cliche’ hero poses.

I like hero poses.  I mean, if I were bulletproof and could lift a building, I’d probably stand all cool like, too.  Hell, you should see me in cosplay selfies, or…in any picture at all.  However, some might find this was abused a bit too much in this movie and would knock a star off their rating bringing it down to 5.

6.  Marvel did it (and soon the Simpsons?). *soft spoiler alert*

Older generation couple digitally de-aged for scenes taking place in the past?  Check.  Matriarch gone missing only to show up and save the hero or heroes later in an imposing suit?  check?  Simpsons doing it first?  Probably.  I don’t care, but some might find that too much was borrowed from Marvel here.  I loved it.  Other people might take a star off and rate this as low as 4 out of 10 stars.

For me, this was the worst current DCCU movie to date, which isn’t saying it’s bad.  I loved the other ones.  I liked this movie, but I did find minor issues with the dialogue, comedic timing, and color choice.  Sure a spinning camera made me dizzy, but I loved the effectual use of the Heroes Journey, bringing our coastal kid into the hero seat he deserves.

Critics on Rotten Tomatoes give it a 6.4 out of 10, but general audiences seem to agree with me on this one.

Overall, I give it an 8 1/2 out of 10.  I’m sure our other geeks will chime in with their differing opinions, though.

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