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But Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 7 Points on Captain Marvel (Spoiler Light)

Did Marvel marvel us with Captain Marvel? Did the SJW get in the way, are the toxic types moaning too much about it?! Is this a good movie, regardless of politics? We’ll take a look at all the drawbacks of this movie, and then highlight the good stuff without being too spoiler heavy. Let’s jump into this full geek.

1. The Pacing Was Slow In the Middle.

For me, this wasn’t an issue, as it brought in the character development and told an interesting story, that still had action sequences to feed my ADHD brain. For others, such as The Angry Joe Show it really dragged in the 2nd Act. So, this might bring the potential 10-star rating down to 9.

2. There Wasn’t Enough Coulson.

While it’s true, Coulson was in it, and he was awesomely de-aged for the 90’s setting, he just didn’t have that many scenes. However, what we did get was a LOT of Sam Jackson’s handsomely young self, and he was amazing. More Coulson would have been good fan service to the S.H.I.E.L.D.ies.  Note to self:  Trademark S.H.I.E.L.D.ies. I don’t think this was enough to bring the rating down, but the unofficially trademarked above group just might, which would put the rating down to 8 stars.

3. There Was No Struggle In the Climax.

While it’s nice to see our heroes kick ass, it’s important to see them struggle and keep moving on. This is why ANY Rocky (not Creed) film is watchable even today.  You really feel the struggle of Balboa each time he gets hit, and he just keeps getting back up. Now, we certainly see some scrapes, and her flashbacks show a lifetime of struggle and getting back up, but it’s only for a few seconds. Some people, such as The Angry Joe Show, needed more, and I might even take a star off here, but that’s picky for me, as you may know. This brings the rating for some down to 7 stars.

4. It Was Anti-Climactic.

It was.  There was a get up and fight moment, for sure, that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck up, but when it came time for a big showdown, it went down much like the Indiana Jones fight with that dude with the scimitar in The Lost Ark. I thought it was cool the way it went down, but it would have been interesting to see it happen another way. We may still get to see that, though. While I don’t discredit this movie for this, others would take a star off, potentially bringing down the rating to 6 stars.

5. How Fury Lost His Eye.

I loved how it happened. The Angry Joe Show was divided on it.  Nerdrotic felt that it was the worst thing about the movie.  So, if you were hoping for a brutal story about the loss of his left eye, you might take a star off your rating, which brings us down to 5 stars.

6. The SJW Agenda Ruins the Movie.

I think a lot of people let politics get in the way of their enjoyment of the movie.  Yes, this was a major girl power movie (one of it’s finer points in my opinion), but some people felt like it was at the expense of story and characters.  Art imitates life, and life has these real political issues.  So, those looking for total escapism are not really going to find it in many works of art, including movies. However, even then, people feel there is a better balance than being preached to. I felt like it was a nice balance, and being that our hero is a woman, it’s nice to see her succeed, as we like our heroes to do. Even then, she’s captured twice and hooked up to mind raping devices, so she has her trials. Still, this brings some viewers to knock a star off their reviews. We’re now down to 4.

7. She Has No Personality.

I’ve heard this one a lot, but for a woman warrior trained by aliens that emotions are your enemy, she still cracked a lot of jokes, smiled, and even laughed, but being a Warrior Hero, she is going to have to get serious and take care of business. But, this might be too serious for some (How often does Black Widow smile?), bringing the rating down a star to 3.

As you can see by my references to other people’s harsher criticisms, I was hard pressed to find something wrong with it, myself, and my daughter (the one who made our logo) equally enjoyed it.  I think I would rate this on par with Wonder Woman, but if Wonder Woman had a better villain fight, it would have easily come out on top. I would rate this an easy 9 out of 10. Rotten Tomatoes has the critics score at 79% and the audience score at 52%. Please, let us know what you thought about the movie in the comments.


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