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But, Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 3 Points on Avengers Endgame (Spoiler Light)

The end is no longer NIGH; IT’S HERE!  Well, it’s not the END end.  It’s an end of a tier of tiers, but what an end!  There’s so much that happened, so many threads that came to be tied after so many movies.  Laughing, crying, and cheering will happen if you have seen all of the movies.  It is an experience, to say the least, but will YOU like it, especially if you haven’t seen all of the Marvel Universe prior to this installment.  So, let’s jump into this full geek!

1.  It won’t make sense if you haven’t seen a good deal of the films.

If you haven’t seen Captain America:  Winter Soldier, you might not understand a line or two.  If you haven’t seen Iron Man 3, you won’t know a character that is on screen at the end for a second or two.  If you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy 1 or 2, you might not understand some of the character dynamics.  If you haven’t seen Thor:  Ragnarok, you may not understand some lines between Hulk and Thor.  If you haven’t seen Spiderman:  Homecoming, you may not understand some very sentimental moments.  If you haven’t seen Black Panther, you won’t understand the power of WAKANDA FOREVER!  If you missed Captain America:  Civil War, you missed a lot of the issues between best friends that Endgame deals with.  However, if you have at least seen these and all of the Avenger films, you’re golden.  Some may take issue with this and take a star off their rating, bringing it down to 9 out of 10.

2.  The Hulk/Banner dynamic wasn’t fully explored.

Don’t get me wrong, what happened was cool and hilarious, but I really did want to see more of the duality of psyche played out.  Perhaps, well get that in a Wolverine vs. Hulk film (he said hopefully).  However, it appears it may have already happened, and we missed it.  This might make some, including me, take a star off their rating, bringing it down to 8 out of 10, 9 out of 10 for me.

3.  The quantum physics rules explained in the film aren’t adhered to throughout.

If you have a problem with overanalyzing and suspending disbelief for a story, you may have some issues with this film.  Although, after I slept on it, I came up with a solution that works to fall in line with the rules they set in place that even my son found agreeable, which is good.  This almost ruined the movie for us both.  We may be on a spectrum of some disorders or something, though. This solution wasn’t outright told in the movie and could be seen as a stretch by some.  This might bring your rating down to 7 out of 10.

This is as far as I think anyone would go to nitpick.  I haven’t heard anyone rating this as low as 7 out of 10.  I mean, even if you only watched Infinity War before this movie, it’s an amazing thrill ride of excitement and sentiment.  Rotten Tomatoes has an audience score of 90% with critics rating it at 95%.  I know my rating is down to 9 out of 10, but even I’m adding half a star more for the sheer brilliance of putting 20 movies of fan service pay off into 3 hours.  Watch this movie.  It’s an unprecedented monument to cinema history.


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