Spider-Man: Far From Home Logo -Taken from: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Logo_Spider-Man_Far_From_Home.png

But, Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 5 Points on Spider-Man: Far From Home (Spoiler Light)

What will stick with you, and what will leave you with a crawling feeling in your stomach after watching this amazing fan favorite of Marvel?! Will this portrayal be spectacular?!! Will it be a swing and a miss?!!!  Let’s web-sling into this full geek!!!!

1. We still don’t see a Spider-MAN!

Spider-Man is an awkward teenager, sure, but most of the time in the comics and other media we see Peter transform into a sure-of-himself superhero when he wears the mask. In the MCU, he’s still such a whiney teen that even criminals know he’s just a kid. I get that this is more believable, but the wall crawler I grew up with (not the rubber octopus) always had an air of confidence, especially toward his villains. This could cause some to take a star off for a rating of 9 stars.

P.S. My emphasis of MAN is to suggest adulthood, male, female, or other.

2. There isn’t a lot wisecracking in the wisecracking web-slinger?

He’s supposed to make jokes, puns, digs, etc. Hell, Deadpool was influenced by Spider-Man. Even depressing Andrew Garfield made some good quips in the suit. This makes even me take a star off here, but your rating might be dropped to 8 stars at this point.

3. There isn’t enough Fury being cool!

Samuel L. Jackson does a great job as always, but we don’t see Fury really kicking ass, and the after credits scene doesn’t help, either. Although, I still liked that bit. You, however, may not let that star stand, placing your rating as low as 7 out of 10.

4. I miss Aunt May not being hot!

I am on board with her hotness and not being over 90. She is actually the age of an aunt, not an ancestor. But, for you #NotMyAuntMay types, your rating could be as low as 6 stars. I thought the Happy/May dynamic was also awkwardly cute. I think I’ll add a star back for this.

5. We missed some scenes that were in the trailer!

The 2nd trailer clearly showed a confident, albeit, friendly neighborhood Spuder-Man, joking with local police, and I feel like I was robbed of this, so I, too, will be taking a star away, and they can have it back when they release the extended edition on Blu-ray. Some may never give theirs back, ending their review at a 5 out of 10.

For me it’s a solid 9 stars, which will likely graduate to 10 by Christmas. The way they weaved the antagonist in this was creme de la creme, and we still have plenty of action, comedy, romance, tension, and drama. Just go see it, already, so we can talk about it!

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