Protection From the Dark Arts 101

Five Geeks will soon be going PARANORMAL, so while we geeks go in search of ghosts and ghouls, it might be a good idea to get some gear that gurus might say gives us a guard against the ghastly things that supposedly exist, just in case they actually do. Here is a list of protections against the dark arts, so to speak, that can protect people anywhere, especially when entering into potentially hazardous places or activities such as ghost-hunting, ouija board divination, etc. Above is a picture of one of my favorite slayers of evil, but he will also do stupid things that can cause the evil in the first place, so a lot can be learned from him by both example and counter-example.


This can act as a barrier or can be dissolved in water to act as a banishing spray, especially if white light or positive energies are focused into it. Yes, the barriers can keep things out, but it can also keep things in, so, be careful. Sea salt seems to be preferred among mystics, because it is often charged with the sun, which can also banish negative energy, as well as contain healing effects.  Scientifically, it absorbs water, which bacteria tend to need to survive. Dropping a dry salted chip in the floor is not far from making the five-second rule pretty much true (but I don’t recommend it), and putting salt on a mouth sore will help it heal faster…and hurt like hell for a bit.

Running water:

Just the area above water pipes that have an on-off flow can act as a barrier against dark energies that cross above them. Even spitting in the air is running water. Scientifically, running water helps kill some germs, especially if you rub your hands vigorously through it (moving things even more). Pressurized water, such as the stuff resting in your taps also kills germs. It’s why we wash our hands. Germs like STILL water in dark warm places. It helps germs to grow, and wood to rot. Apparently, the bad guys that go bump in the night, like it there, too.

The Color Black:

Many black stones act as a means to draw the dark energy into it like a black hole and spit it out into its negative place of origin. Onyx, Black tourmaline, etc. Black candles are also good for banishing bad things. Scientifically, black absorbs all visible light waves, and black is how we see the absence of color or darkness. Psychologically, it eases emotional stresses.

The Color White:

White color can act as a means to push away dark energies. It is not an accident that doctors and nurses often wear white.  It culturally represents cleanliness, and it’s easy to see when you need to change.  White candles are also good for banishing evil. Scientifically, white reflects all light waves, and white is how we see all light waves at once.

Cold or Wrought Iron:

This can be used as a physical weapon to slice through negative entities, dispersing them, likely also sending them back to their places of origin. Iron knickknacks and pendants are always good to keep around as protection, acting as an American Ninja Warrior style obstacle course for baddies. Having the metal sharp or pointy also seems to help tear the bad guys up. Scientifically, iron is ferromagnetic, meaning it can receive a magnetic charge. Leave iron on a magnet for long enough, and that iron is a magnet for a while. It could be a means of dispersing spirits, which seem to be active around electromagnetic fields. Ghost hunters often use EMF detectors.


Some lore puts this as a means to kill vampires.  Most of the time ghosts don’t appear in sunlight. Scientifically, sunlight kills germs.  It also catalyzes the production of vitamin D in the human body. This is possibly why Apollo (and other sun gods) were also gods of healing.


Gold is often symbolic of the sun and silver symbolic of the moon.  Gold is often used for holy sanctified items. It is one of the gifts for Jesus at his birth. Silver is often used as protection against, and a banisher of, evil. Scientifically, both are diamagnetic, which means they can repel a magnetic field, which may be why spirits are said to get dispersed by it. It also kills bacteria.


This is said to keep evil spirits at bay. Where there is boisterous joy, sorrow finds it hard to be at home. Scientifically, laughter is not the best medicine, but it can actually help to heal and relieve stress.


Every time a bell rings a demon gets his wings ripped off, well, maybe not exactly.  It is known as a banisher of spirits, but fairies are said to be repelled, too. Either way, it’s not a coincidence that many churches aren’t short of bells.


Cedar is a good blocker of baddies. Scientifically, it is antimicrobial, and it doesn’t need to be treated for water damage, because it doesn’t readily absorb water.


Sage is believed by some to banish negative energies. Some believe it only consecrates.


Sweetgrass is believed by some to banish negative energies. Others say it actually draws all entities to you. I’ve used it in hopes for the latter in ghost hunting. Don’t be like me, without some sort of protection, experience, and likely others with you, you may be putting yourself in danger. I lack experience, but again, don’t be like me.


This is often used for consecration and was one of the gift of the magi, and in recent scientific studies it has shown that it “relieves anxiety and depression, at least in mice.”


Another gift of the magi, this is used in consecration and is believed by some to banish evil. It can also kill bacteria and other parasites, as well as offer other health benefits.

Guardian Gods, Spirits, Tulpas, etc.:

Call upon specific gods, saints, angels (especially your guardian angel), or even your own created thoughtform guardians. Gods and spirits have had a long history of people invoking them for power and protection, which helps establish them as stronger in their roles in doing so. Your own personally created tulpas (thoughtforms) may mean more to you as you establish them as caretakers of different domains. I have 6 thoughtforms. Three of them guard the doors of my home and have statues that reside by the doors they guard.  I have 3 more that represent Air, Fire, and Water elements (They all represent Earth, too). Exercising your connections to these guardians daily is ideal.

White Light Visualization:

This along with invoking said guardians are the most powerful tools in fighting the dark arts. Do exercises every day with this, visualizing healing, cleansing, and bad guy banishing energies. Doing yoga, tai chi, etc. is also a boost. One more adept can not only protect oneself, but could also cleanse and heal areas and people, or even banish negative entities.

Egg or Sphere:

Visualizing a protective shield in the form of a sphere or egg along with the above white light visualization is said to highly protect those inside the area, especially when this is exercised routinely. Some places have taken up to selling egg-shaped objects to help banish negativity within, as well as to help in the visualization of said positive energies, but be careful you don’t get ripped off.

A Glass of Get the Hell Out:

Being assertive in no uncertain terms with evil things, with respect to confidence and even anger, can be just the thing needed for the oomph to knock these things back to whence they came.  It’s a battle of will. Work on yours. Find your Fight Song, or use Rachel Platten’s. I know I do. Even if this is all psychological, it’s good for you to be assertive. Just don’t be an asshole.

After exercising these energies and becoming adept at using them to block bad energies and harness good energies, it MAY be okay (or not) to try potentially dangerous activities like ouija boards, but I would take someone along who has experience with not only the activity but bad spirits, as well.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, by any stretch.  This is just off the top of my current head. Please, add your experiences and knowledge in the comments below where this is posted.

For more reading:
The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook: A Survival Guide: by Robert Bruce

Arcane Lore: by Scribe 27

Encyclopedia of Natural Magic: by John Michael Greer

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