Geek Things to Do

In the rural areas, comic book shops and conventions can be hard to find and few and far between. Here is a list of some things you can do in and around LeFlore County Oklahoma and Crawford County, Arkansas, where many of our Five Geeks crew are from!

Geek Things to Do in Poteau, OK

Poteau Games

One Geek store in Poteau, OK has gained notoriety over the years as a place where geeks can game in-store, as well as buy snacks and buy geek related items.

Check out the 2 videos we have done for events they had in their store locations:


They will be opening in a new location soon.

Geek Things to Do in Fort Smith, AR


This is truly a one of a kind event that Realms Anime of Fayetteville, AR puts on a great convention that “combines Comics, Sci-Fi, Anime, Gaming, Pop Culture, and more!”

Check out the videos:

Sharp Brother’s Gaming

This is a place with dedicated gamers that have developed a strong and welcoming community. It was one of the patrons that organized this 24 hour Dungeons and Dragons marathoning of 3 different games that occured at the same time in the same world with a planned finish together.

Check out the video:

Hawg Head Comics

If you’re looking for comics, trading cards, or a good place for Magic: the Gathering Tournaments, look no further than Hawg Head Comics. They also sell some pretty nice geek knick knacks.

Game Nation

This is the sister store to Poteau Games, and right next to Fianna Hills in Fort Smith, it supplies a lot of Warhammer, as well as welcomes patrons who organize and write a storyline for large tournament style playing.


More to Come!!!

We’re always looking to showcase new geek venues. If you know of any. Please contact us, and tell them about us.


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