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Five Geeks #7: Is DC Too Dark Even After the Dawn?

In this episode, we discuss the dark, dark world of the DCCU, the possible bright future, and whether Idris Elba or Sam Jackson should be the next Green Lantern.

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FiveGeeks.Blog #6: X-Men, Tom Cruise, and a Descent Into the Mission Impossible Series

In this episode, we talk about the future of X-Men.  Could Tom Cruise be cast as everything?  Find out as we descend into madness, while still enjoying that scrumptious Ollie’s Stupendous Chili.


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FiveGeeks.Blog #5: 404 Pod Not Found *OOPS*: Why Was the Box Office SOLO, The Story

In this episode-  I screwed up something, and the audio turned into silence.  My bad.

However, you can catch some of our previous podcasts, because other than the following, we rehashed a lot of what we had said before. 🙂

We taste tested Ollie’s Stupendous Chili, a recipe taken straight from The Green Arrow comics and prepared by our culinary master, The Mystery Chef.  If you missed the first of our “how to” series on nerdy eatery, please check out Geek Eats #1:  Ollies Stupendous Chili on Youtube.  All of us loved the stuff.  Even though, some might say, “You have failed this chili,” because we put Fritos, sour cream, cheese, etc. in it.  Either way, we all suggest you try it if you have the cash to spring for the sirloin it calls for.

We also talked about Solo, Star Wars, and what the future holds for the franchise.  The answer to the story is that Solo suffered two hits, a switch of directors with a series of reshoots that ended up costing them nearly double and a crucifixion from fans who hated The Last Jedi.  I loved The Last Jedi, but can certainly understand why people would hate it.  I wrote a movie review on Solo in the same balanced manner, so, if you haven’t seen it, and are curious, please check it out here:  But, Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 5 Points on SOLO (Spoiler Light)



FiveGeeks.Blog #3: Marvel Horror

In this episode, we talk about Marvel’s horror movie titles coming out, what possibilities we could see, and I interject something about Morbius, because he’s an awesome underused character I still love, and I’m sore about them canceling him in the 90’s.

New Mutants Teaser Trailer
Venom Teaser Trailer



FiveGeeks.Blog #1

In this podcast, we talk about Star Wars:  The Force Awakens, the future of Star Wars, and which one of us has gotten more cynical in our old age.


Also, check out our musical artist’s Youtube channel:  Auto Pilot