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Five Geeks #22 Ranking the Current Star Wars Films!!!

The Five Geeks gang ranks the Star Wars episodes from best to worst!  Will they agree on anything?! Should Tom Cruise play an alien?!  Does it all still follow the monomyth?!!  Listen to find out!!! 

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But, Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 3 Points on Avengers Endgame (Spoiler Light)

The end is no longer NIGH; IT'S HERE!  Well, it's not the END end.  It's an end of a tier of tiers, but what an end!  There's so much that happened, so many threads that came to be tied after so many movies.  Laughing, crying, and cheering will happen if you have seen all of the movies.  It is an experience, to say the least, but will YOU like it, especially if you haven't seen all of the Marvel Universe prior to this installment.  So, let's jump into this full geek!