-Taken from: https://www.moviedash.com/2018/2691/5-reasons-solo-disappointing/

But, Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 5 Points on SOLO (Spoiler Light)

Finally, a solo Star Wars movie about Solo.  It' s a heist movie, a Star Wars movie, a prequel, pauper, a poet...well, maybe not the last 2, but it's good.  How good is it?  Let's run through the list.


But, Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 7 Points on Black Panther (Spoiler Light)

Let’s start out with 10 stars and examine the elements to see if this movie is for YOU.  I'll go easy on spoilers, so it doesn't affect the enjoyment of those who still want to watch it for the first time.  Let's jump into this full geek!


Superheroes Are Fighting Themselves, and so Are We

What if I told you, in my best Morpheus impersonation, that those heroes are just fighting themselves.  Their outer struggle is often a metaphor for the torments they hold inside, and we relate to these characters because they are often a reflection of the very real, but unseen, onslaughts we’ve had to endure within our own states of mental health.


9 Reasons It’s Okay to Love or Hate The Last Jedi

What's important here, is that it's okay if you hated it, loved it, or didn't care about it all.  None of these things make you stupid, a moron, and idiot, or any other vitriolic comment by a poster that we probably shouldn't repeat. Here are some elements of the film that people either loved or hated, and why it's perfectly valid to do so, either way. 


I Am a Big Cry Baby, and I Love Movies

My father passed away a few weeks before the release of the first Star Trek reboot. I said I would get a ticket for him anyway (My friend, Wesley Williams, actually paid for it.) and leave the seat open for him. At the opening sequence, when George Samuel Kirk, Sr., sacrificed his life, so that his wife and child and the rest of 800 lives could live... I cried.