FiveGeeks.Blog #3: Marvel Horror

In this episode, we talk about Marvel’s horror movie titles coming out, what possibilities we could see, and I interject something about Morbius, because he’s an awesome underused character I still love, and I’m sore about them canceling him in the 90’s.

New Mutants Teaser Trailer
Venom Teaser Trailer



FiveGeeks.Blog #1

In this podcast, we talk about Star Wars:  The Force Awakens, the future of Star Wars, and which one of us has gotten more cynical in our old age.


Also, check out our musical artist’s Youtube channel:  Auto Pilot


Geek and Son #1

In this episode, we discuss CW’s The Flash and compare it to comics, Star Trek, and we reference Comic Books vs The World on Youtube, my own articles, and as always, we feature the music of Auto Pilot, also on Youtube!