Comic Books on display, San Diego Comic Con 2015 Photo by Patty Mooney of Crystal Pyramid Productions in San Diego -

Five Geeks #17: Is This The DEATH of COMICS?!!!

Are print comics dead forever?  Are they meant to evolve?  Will Wes mention Tom Cruise?  Listen now to find out all the sordid details!!! 

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FiveGeeks.Blog #5: 404 Pod Not Found *OOPS*: Why Was the Box Office SOLO, The Story

In this episode we taste test Ollie's Stupendous Chili, a recipe taken straight from The Green Arrow comics and prepared by our culinary master, The Mystery Chef.  If you missed the first of our "how to" series on nerdy eatery, please check out Geek Eats #1:  Ollies Stupendous Chili on Youtube.  We also talk about Solo, Star Wars, and what the future holds for the franchise.