But, Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 6 Points on Shazam! (Spoiler Light)

Look out Gomer Pile!  One of your catchphrases is now a big budget blockbuster! After the box office success of Aquaman (which I rated as the worst of the DCCU so far), people have anticipated Shazam! to be even better, as DC bounces back from past harsh criticisms.  But, does it live up to its hype?  Let's jump into this full geek!

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But Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 7 Points on Captain Marvel (Spoiler Light)

Did Marvel marvel us with Captain Marvel? Did the SJW get in the way, are the toxic types moaning too much about it?! Is this a good movie, regardless of politics? We'll take a look at all the drawbacks of this movie, and then highlight the good stuff without being too spoiler heavy. Let's jump into this full geek.



Welcome to the second part of this blog series exploring the comic books of the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel! Carol will soon debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (portrayed by Brie Larson), so what better time to take a deep dive into the original comic book source material to see what all the hubbub is about. Are the Captain Marvel comics nothing more than man-hating propaganda pieces to convert people to an extremist "SJW" cult, or are they just, you know, regular comic books? In part one of this series in which I explored the first 6 issues of the 2012 Captain Marvel series found in the collection In Pursuit of Flight, it seemed to be mostly the latter. Will we see more of the same in the second volume entitled Down? Let's jump into this full geek and find out.



"With the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson) poised to hit the big screen on March 8th, it has become quite apparent that no installment in the much lauded MCU has been surrounded with as much controversy, pre-release criticism, and general nay-saying than Captain Marvel. Some say that the character is not especially popular to begin with, citing low comic book sales and people's lack of general knowledge of the character. "

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But, Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 5 Points on Aquaman (Spoiler Light)

Aquaman is DC's Thor Ragnarok underwater.  Even the score has that similar 80's feel we saw in Thor 3.  Although, this movie follows the monomyth, making for a better plot. I, of course, liked the movie, but will YOU like it?  Let's jump into this full geek!

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But, Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 5 Points on Venom (Spoiler Light)

In this action/horror/suspense/comedy/thriller/superhero/anti-hero genre, Venom is like a buddy cop movie akin to 48 Hours, if Eddie Murphy had ADD, was an investigative reporter built like Bane, and a was bit more neurotically disturbed by Nick Nolte being inside his head, and of course, if Nick Nolte was a horrific head-eating symbiote.



    X-MEN (BLUE TEAM):   Ewan McGregor as Charles Xavier/Professor X:       Sam Witwer as Scott Summers/Cyclops:     Aubrey Plaza as Jean Grey/Phoenix:       Christian Kane as Logan/Wolverine:       Viola Davis as Ororo Munroe/Storm:       Joe Manganiello as Piotr Rasputin/Colossus:       Tyler Posey as Remy LeBeau/Gambit:         X-MEN (GOLD TEAM):   Ed Harris as Charles Xavier/Professor… Continue reading KONSPLOSION X-MEN/FANTASTIC FOUR FAN-CAST PANEL