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But, Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 5 Points on Venom (Spoiler Light)

In this action/horror/suspense/comedy/thriller/superhero/anti-hero genre, Venom is like a buddy cop movie akin to 48 Hours, if Eddie Murphy had ADD, was an investigative reporter built like Bane, and a was bit more neurotically disturbed by Nick Nolte being inside his head, and of course, if Nick Nolte was a horrific head-eating symbiote.



    X-MEN (BLUE TEAM):   Ewan McGregor as Charles Xavier/Professor X:       Sam Witwer as Scott Summers/Cyclops:     Aubrey Plaza as Jean Grey/Phoenix:       Christian Kane as Logan/Wolverine:       Viola Davis as Ororo Munroe/Storm:       Joe Manganiello as Piotr Rasputin/Colossus:       Tyler Posey as Remy LeBeau/Gambit:         X-MEN (GOLD TEAM):   Ed Harris as Charles Xavier/Professor… Continue reading KONSPLOSION X-MEN/FANTASTIC FOUR FAN-CAST PANEL


“5 Things a GOOD Captain Marvel Movie Needs”

WARNING: CONTAINS ONE MINOR SPOILER FOR AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR! First of all, notice that the title says a “good” movie. There is absolutely no question in my mind that the 2019 Marvel Studios film Captain Marvel, the story of Air Force pilot turned super-powered space warrior Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), will be a huge financial success. With… Continue reading “5 Things a GOOD Captain Marvel Movie Needs”


But, Will YOU Like It Movie Review: 7 Points on Black Panther (Spoiler Light)

Let’s start out with 10 stars and examine the elements to see if this movie is for YOU.  I'll go easy on spoilers, so it doesn't affect the enjoyment of those who still want to watch it for the first time.  Let's jump into this full geek!


5 Comic Book Characters That Confuse “Casual” Fans

Yes, when it comes to comic books, I'm a super geeky fan with deep knowledge of the "lore" behind the characters. That's not the case with everyone though. There are plenty of "casual" fans out there. They've seen some movies, maybe a cartoon, or played the odd video game. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that.… Continue reading 5 Comic Book Characters That Confuse “Casual” Fans